Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am currently riding a Cannondale F5 hardtail mountain bike. I used to ride my bike a lot while I grew up in San Francisco. I didn't drive until I was 18 so I was pretty much on my bike, taking the bus, or sometimes on a Razor scooter to get around. I started out riding an old school BMX bike with the black checkered design, then graduated to an old schwinn bike. During my highschool days I rode my cousin's BMX bike as well as my mountain bike. I took the mountain bike with me to Irvine, where I went to college but it was sometime stolen and I never got back into biking. When I moved to Orange, near Peter's Canyon, Irvine Park, and Santiago Creek I saw a lot of people biking and running the trails and it inspired me to get back into biking. When REI had its annual sale with bikes at 20%, I had to get a bike. The bike wasn't too expensive but had some features I was looking for: disc brakes, a hard tail, and decent front suspension. I don't have any upgraded components, the bike is pretty much stock. I don't have any fancy computers or clipless pedals (I ride with my old New Balance 991s). I'm not riding on 29s or 69s, but dangit this bike is pretty. Its matte black all around and just a sweet looking bike. For now, I am sticking with my mountain bike, with a personal goal of taking it out from Orange County to San Diego (a century ride down PCH) but if I ever move, I'm pretty sure I'll get a road bike.

Here is a small picture of bike in action

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